The need for training and updating knowledge in tele-orthopaedics: opportunities for mEducator technologies uptake

This presentation will deal with two studies that demonstrate the use of telemedicine in orthopaedics. The work was developed in collaboration with the Pafos General Hospital, the Nicosia General hospital and the University of Cyprus. The first study deals with everyday practice scenarios where the expert is asked to provide expert knowledge from a remote location to a trainee in orthopaedics or other medical practitioner who happen to be with the patient. Medical data such as x-rays, videos, MRI, and photos from the incident are easily transmitted via a telemedicine device to the location of the expert providing an accurate information for the expert in order to be able to form an expert opinion an thus advice accordingly. The second study will show how trainees in orthopaedic can be benefited by watching remotely and asking questions while an expert performs a specialised operation. This facility can work both ways thus giving the opportunity to any surgeon to consult during the operation an expert should the need for such help arises. Both studies can be recorded and retrieved at a later stage for educational purposes and retraining courses. The mEducator platform has provided a very practical tool for utilizing use case scenarios.


Friday, 6 April, 2012 - 14:30 - 16:15